SS-017 Tactics & Drills for Attacking & Goalscoring

Tactics & Drills for Attacking and Goalscoring dvd

WORLD CLASS COACHING assembled on American soil for the first time ever, coaches from England's top Premier League teams. David Williams, Manchester United U19 Youth Team Coach and Sammy Lee, Liverpool F.C. Assistant Manager, were joined by former Leeds United Coach, Mick Hennigan in this once-in-a-lifetime seminar.

Counter Attacking With Pace - Sammy Lee: A progression of quick passing and moving exercises with the ultimate objective of implementing them in an 11 v 11 game. 

Improve Your Shooting and Finishing - Mick Hennigan: A session with an overall theme of "quality" finishing with an emphasis of shots hitting the target.

Build-Up Play For Crosses - Sammy Lee: Starts with a circle warm-up, progresses to a small-sided passing game and ends with a half-field game designed to get the ball wide for a cross.

Attacking In Waves - Sammy Lee: Some quick-fire shooting and finishing exercises, ending with a half-field game that includes overlapping defenders pushing forward and overloading the attack.