SS-016 Tactics & Drills for Zonal Defending

Tactics and Drills for Zonal Defending dvd

WORLD CLASS COACHING assembled on American soil for the first time ever, coaches from England?s top Premier League teams. David Williams, Manchester United U19 Youth Team Coach and Sammy Lee, Liverpool F.C. Assistant Manager were joined by former Leeds United Coach, Mick Hennigan in this once-in-a-lifetime seminar.

Defending With a Back Four - David Williams: This session starts with some individual defending and progresses to various exercises with two defenders and then four defenders. The session ends with four defenders working on a full field.

Zonal Defending - Mick Hennigan: A session designed to get the entire team familiar with their roles when the opposing team has possession. Based on a 4-4-2, the session could easily be adapted to a 3-5-2 or any other formation. Hennigan introduces "key words", and the actions that go with them that will enable each player to be comfortable and confident with his role and that of his teammates.

Improving Confidence For Heading - Mick Hennigan: A lively session that starts with heading warm-ups and progresses to game-like exercises that includes heading for goal as well as defensive heading.