SS-015 Tactics & Drills for Passing & Possession

Tactics and Drills for Passing and Possession dvd

WORLD CLASS COACHING assembled on American soil for the first time ever, coaches from England?s top Premier League teams. David Williams, Manchester United U19 Youth Team Coach and Sammy Lee, Liverpool F.C. Assistant Manager were joined by former Leeds United Coach, Mick Hennigan in this once-in-a-lifetime seminar. 

Developing Techniques For Youth Players - David Williams: This session includes various passing and receiving exercises and progresses to a small-sided game. The session also focuses on making the correct runs and angles to create space to receive passes. 

Developing Quick Play Using Circle Practices - David Williams: This session was one of the highlights of the entire seminar and features a number of circle practices designed to develop quick play. Many variations are shown with unlimited variations possible with a little imagination.

Passing Progressions - Sammy Lee: This session is designed to improve the quality and speed of passing, and movement off the ball to create space to receive passes.