SS-004 Soccer Secrets - Mia Hamm Advanced

Take your game to a new level with preimere soccer superstars Mia Hamm, Tiffeny Milbrett and Wendy Gebauer as they reveal explosive drills, philosophies, winning strategies and inside tips to the art of advanced, high intensity soccer.

Considerd two of the greatest soccer players in history, Mia Hamm and Tiffeny Milbrett share the secrets of their explosive soccer styles and blazing speeds. Join Mia, Tiffeny and Wendy Gebrauer as they demonstrate the advanced techniques that made them the sport's most feared, and revered, super stars. Learn the crucial elements of this intense mental game, the ability to stop your opponents in their tracks and position yourself for that crucial goal. Whether you're aiming for the big leagues or just want to improve your game, Mia, tiffeny and Wendy take you through all aspects of the game, and reveal how they made it to the record books.