SLS-7090 Keeper! - Safe Keeping - 2 Disks

SafeKeeping with Coach Tony Waiters
Designed especially for team soccer coaches and soccer goalkeepers. The practices are demonstrated by a beginner, an intermediate and an advanced soccer goalkeeper, and show the 10 Key Principles of soccer Goalkeeping. Frequent use of world class professional players gives a clear and exciting dimension to the videos, and two high caliber U18 teams bring the team practices alive. This highly recommended series will help coaches to coach goalkeeping and goalkeepers to coach themselves.

Program one covers:
- The 10 Key Principles of Soccer Goalkeeping
- Practices for Goalkeeper with a friend
- Practices run by a team coach with one or two goalkeepers
- Video analysis of pro keepers getting it right -- and wrong!
- How to maximize positonal play
- Starting positions

Program two covers:

- Team Goalkeeping

- Dealing with Cross Balls

- The role of the Sweeper/Keeper

- Through Balls

- Dealing with the Back Pass

- The Tactical Role of the Keeper

- Team Games to develop Field Players and Goalkeepers

- The role of the Keeper at Set Plays