RS-1183 Brazilian Soccer - Tactics

One of Brazil's greatest players, Zico brings his depth of knowledge and passion for the game to this outstanding DVD. Zico demonstrates his legendary skills through clear. precise demonstrations shown from different angles and in slow motion.

Action footage of Brazil and Kashima Antlas, who Zico coached to the "J" League Championship, show the skills and tactics Zico teaches being used in game situations. The skills are taught with a series of drills to develop the techniques and confidence on the ball and under pressure.

Zico diagrams each key element of the Positional Play and Tactical segments on a game board before using small sided games and Brazil game footage to clearly illustrate the play and tactical concepts.

Whether you coach a youth team, high school. or college. you will marvel at Zico's skills, set plays. and his tactical appreciation and find endless ideas to help your team improve every aspect of their game.