RS-116 The Dutch Soccer School

For many years, Ajax has set the example, both domestically and internationally, in the area of soccer coaching and education.

Every season Ajax produces new young players of the highest caliber. The Amsterdam club has set the standard for both coaching staffs and players.

MVV has also been increasingly responsible for the education and coaching of amateur and youth leagues which form the basis of Dutch soccer. In 1992 they introduced their coaching manual "The Youth Coach" which has been translated into many languages. Then they started conducting clinics for amateur and youth teams, training and coaching their coaches and providing weekly coaching demonstrations.

This video is the third stage of this development program, continuing their theme of sharing their experience and expertise with young players and their coaches.

Through this instructional video the coachesof MVV have tried to translate their professional experience into exercises that are useful in further promoting the attractive and exciting offensive game of soccer.

Offensive soccer is unquestionably the trademark of the Dutch Soccer School.