RS-105 Coaching the Italian 4:4:2

Filmed during Italy's preparation for the 1994 World Cup, Coach Arrigo Sacchi takes the Italian team through every aspect of their Zone 4:4:2 formation.
    Through easy to follow demonstrations Sacchi shows how to organize The Flat Back Four, and combine and integrate with the Midfield Four to develop a cohesive, compact, Zonal Defense. Attacking from the back as a compact unit, overlapping, pattern play, changing the point of attack, use of width, support on and off the ball, and how to beat a zone defense with quick combination plays, are all examined in detail as Sacchi takes each player through their position and movements. Pressing on attack, pressing in medfield and pressing on defense are also demonstrated. What the players do as a unit when they lose the ball and gain possession, plus developing and maintaining shape area also emphasized, as Sacchi builds his team as a unit on defense and attack.
    See the small sided games, functional training, drills and combination plays, the Italian team used to develop the most attractive offensive soccer and effective defense at the 1996 European Championships.
    Filmed entirely on the practice field with slow motion, freeze frame, and excellent graphics, this video will help you develop the skills, control, pattern play, and understanding needed to implement this attractive style of play.