RD-02735 John Bluem: Training the Flank Midfielder

2 Disk DVD

Disk 1: with John Bluem, Ohio State University Head Coach; 2X Big Ten Coach of the Year Coach Bluem brings a wealth of knowledge to this DVD on training the flank midfield player. Bluem begins by sharing several warm-up activities that will prepare players for practice. These activities are designed to practice flank combinations, the middle attack, passing and timing and meeting the ball at full speed. Bluem introduces a phase of training called 8 v 6. This session provides realistic defensive pressure, which helps develop proper decision making by the flank midfield players. All footage shows OSU players on the field in practice situations with Bluem narrating the action. The 9 v 9 session gives each team three defenders, three midfield players and two strikers and encourages the players to penetrate on the flanks. Coach Bluem teaches his players to change the point of attack and improve the results of each possession. This DVD includes sessions designed to work on combination play, penetration and improve the overall play of midfield players. 34 minutes. 2007.

Disk 2: with John Bluem, Ohio State University Head Coach; 2X Big Ten Coach of the Year For 27 years John Bluem has coached soccer in the US at a variety of levels. In that time Coach Bluem has developed a great appreciation for coaching soccer to different age groups. These 12 training games cover the areas of possession, penetration, finishing and tactical awareness. The games range from 1 v 1 to 4 v 4 settings and work on passing and receiving under pressure; safe possession before making penetrating passes; transition, dribbling and shooting; combination play to create scoring opportunities; and off ball movement. Tactical awareness is another component of this presentation. The Through the Gates game works on support, mobility, defensive marking and tracking. This DVD provides an organized three-prong approach to developing the flank midfield player. 86 minutes. 2007.