LSP-8362 The Littlest Leaguers - Learn Soccer

"The Littlest Leaguers Learn to Play Soccer" is your up and coming young athlete's introduction to the fundamentals of the World's fastest growing sport, Soccer. Join Stevie, Dribble, Esteball, Wet Willy, Goalie and the rest of The Littlest Leaguers as they prepare your future World Cup Champion for the big season. Chock-full of very cool 3D animation, comedy and songs, your child will have loads of fun as they get ready to take the field and lessons in dribbling, kicking, passing and receiving techniques, plus practice drills and the basic rules of the game. You'll find everything a beginner or developing young player needs to know in order to perform to the best of their ability and to better enjoy the game while becoming a good sport through teamwork.