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Rules and Regulations

Coaches, Parents, Fans

Have your kids arrive early. Games WILL start on time!

Please have your team police the bench area after games. Snack wrappers and bottles belong in the trash.

Watch your language! These are children and swearing or abusive language will not be tolerated. The referees have been instructed to notify the board if they observe such behavior.

Make sure shoes are tied securely / especially at the 4 thru 7 year old level of play.

Encourage your childs participation. This is Delphos Soccer, not the World Cup! Let the kids enjoy the game.

NO SMOKING! If you must light up, you MUST go to the parking lot before doing so.

We encourage you to leave pets at home. If you bring them ... be prepared to "scoop the poop". No child needs to run or fall in this while at games or practices.

The Delphos Soccer Board thanks you for allowing your kids to enjoy the game of soccer.